About Story Unlocker

Story Unlocker is a blog about Japanese mystery and detective stories. I aim to make untranslated Japanese stories in the public domain accessible to the English-speaking world. Additionally, I want to translate interviews with contemporary Japanese creators (novelists, directors, animation staff) as these are often left untranslated by the fandom.

An overview of SU’s projects is available on the Projects page.

About the owner

I have a passion for storytelling, translating, culture and modern history. While Japan is my greatest focus, I also have a casual interest in stories from other countries in East-Asia. My favorite genres are mystery, detective, history and supernatural horror.

My desire is to translate little known Japanese stories in the public domain to English and make these accessible to others. For this reason I created this blog to unlock and make my translations publicly available. This blog will primarily focus on Japanese mystery stories, but other relevant interests will also show up from time to time.

History of Story Unlocker

The blog opened on a rainy day in April 2016. I chose the name because it is simple and perfectly captures what I intend to do with the blog.

Story Unlocker’s Content

Here’s a rundown of SU’s post categories: