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Current projects

Story Unlocked projects (2/2)

Story Unlocker will always have two concurrent projects (2 interviews or 1 interview and 1 story) going on regardless of what I receive through Patreon or Paypal. I guarantee at least one update per month for each project listed here. Patrons who pledge at least $10 a month can vote for the next upcoming project.

Status: On Hiatus

  • TBA
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Patron Unlocked projects (0/0)

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Upcoming projects

Due to time constrictions I won’t work on these projects until a spot is freed in the Current Projects list.

  • The Amber Pipe by Kouga Saburou
  • Tomihiko Morimi interview

Outstanding projects

These projects are on a back-burner and need some love! By pledging $20 or more per month on Patreon you can ensure that a project of your choosing will be translated monthly. In addition, you will receive additional benefits by becoming a patron. It’s also possible to donate directly via Paypal. Please specify to whatever you’d like to make your contribution towards. On the other hand, a general donation will be assigned to a project in need to ensure they get finished.

For projects listed below my rates are $0.02 per character. Anything else will have a rate of $0.05 per character.


  • Short stories by various writers (TBA)


I’m mostly interested in interviews with Japanese mystery/detective novelists (e.g. Higashino Keigo, Kyougoku Natsuhiko), but I’m also open to other creators such as animation staff and mangaka.

Hatsuno Sei
  • 2009 Special interview with Hatsuno Sei  ~A new-generation novelist who jumps over the fences of genres~ (HaruChika, Mizu no Tokei) (original pdf available upon request – 38.000 characters / 28 pages. Yes, it’s huge.)
  • 2010 Quilala Interview (original text – +- 5000 characters)
  • 2012 Dialogue with Hatsuno Sei (original text – +- 7000 characters)
  • 2015 Webdoku Interview (original text – 16.000 characters)
Kumota Haruko
  • 2016 Konomanga Interview (original text – 10.000 characters)
  • 2016 Entertainment Station Interview (original text – 9500 characters)
Studio Ghibli
  • 2016 Ghibli Exhibition Pamphlet: I bought this pamphlet after visiting the Ghibli Exhibition in Roppongi. The pamphlet contains an interview with Producer Suzuki Toshio and an overview of Ghibli’s works, each work accompanied with a comment by Suzuki.
  • 2016 The Red Turtle Interview: Toshio Suzuki x Michael Dudok de Wit
Yanagi Kouji
Yonezawa Honobu (Hyouka/Kotenbu series, The Petit Bourgeois series)


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