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  • A Look into Yanagi Kouji’s Workspace

    Two months ago I posted an interview with Yanagi Kouji on the Joker Game novel series. It goes deeper into the series’ latest installment “Last Waltz”. This post features a short interview on one of his stand-alone novels “Knight & Shadow”. However, it’s actually more about his lifestyle and cats… err, workspace. Yanagi Kouji’s international strategy novel “Knight & Shadow” […]

  • Joker Game Author Yanagi Kouji Interview: “Last Waltz”

    A translated interview with Joker Game author Yanagi Kouji originally published on Shukan Bunshun Web (March 1, 2015). Shukan Bunshun Web conducted the interview a few months after the release of the fourth book in the novel series. A first-rate spy mystery which pulls tricks on its readers Yanagi Kouji-san published his latest work “Last Waltz” of the Joker […]