HaruChika Movie Comments

Kanna Hashimoto and Shori Sato
HaruChika Movie Comments

A translation of the comments on the upcoming HaruChika movie (2017) by main leads Satou Shouri and Hashimoto Kanna, original author Hatsuno Sei, director Ichii Masahide, and Kadokawa producer Imayasu Reiko.

Satou Shouri (Sexy Zone)

Kamijou Haruta’s actor

How did you feel when you were cast in the main role of Kamijou Haruta?

My heart danced out of happiness when I heard that I would play the lead role. That night I ran to the nearest bookstore and bought the original HaruChika series.

How do you want to play Haruta?

Kamijou Haruta, the one I’ll play, has a sharp and sensitive mind. I want to strive putting Haruta’s mind into my acting with care. I’ll play the horn in this role, but they say it’s the world’s most difficult brass instrument. I will do my best by practicing as hard as I can so I’m able to play the beautiful sounds that Haruta emits.

On Director Ichii Masahide.

I was shown several works by Director Ichii who was given the opportunity to work as the director. His human portrayal and surreal comedy were impressive. I have a hunch that our set will be full of laughter as well.

On starring together with Hashimoto Kanna who plays Chika.

I feel that my co-star Hashimoto Kanna-san resembles Chika in parts. Her cheerfulness overflows with energy like the sun. I think she’s a person who drags those around her into positivity. I really look forward to her.

Your message to the fans.

Brass instrument music. The cast. A youth story. All of it sparkles. I’m sure everyone will sparkle after they see it! Please enjoy the HaruChika movie that will once again be different from the original work!

Hashimoto Kanna

Homura Chika’s actress

How did you feel when you were cast in the main role of Homura Chika?

I was given the original work to read after I heard that I was given a role in HaruChika this time. It was very interesting and I read all the books in a blink. Of course I was very happy when I heard that I would star in the story. But I became increasingly more delighted as I read the original work. Like “Sailor Suit and Machine Gun: Graduation”, it will be produced and screened as part of the Kadokawa Movie 40th Anniversary. I feel very honored to star in a commemorative work once again.

How do you want to play Chika?

Chika is a typical high school girl who has various worries as well as dreams. As someone who is a high school student as well, I want to frankly express the sensitivity and thoughts I hold within myself without overdoing it and deal with it naturally.

On Director Ichii Masahide.

I was shown two works by Director Ichii: “Blindly in Love” and “Tootsuki tooka no shinkaron”. While both works were delicately and thoroughly depicted, I thought both had a gentle touch on the whole and brought together artistically in a wonderful presentation. I feel privileged to work with Director Ichii’s touch. I look forward to work with him from now on the set.

On starring together with Satou Shouri who plays Haruta.

Satou Shouri-san is a multitasker who can easily sing, dance as well as act. Because I am also taking on the challenge of doing various things like him, I hope to learn many things from him. So I look forward to collaborating with him.

Your message to the fans.

I thought I had finally graduated in my previous work “Sailor Suit and Machine Gun: Graduation”, but I have entered high school this time again and it created a disturbance (lol). I am graduating and entering high school in a bustle, but this time I am acting as a true-to-life senior high school student. So please look forward to a Chika played by a more relaxed Hashimoto Kanna!

Original writer Hatsuno Sei

After my work was adapted into an anime, it was once again adapted into live action movie. This movie is also a production which gathers the talent of many and put into their care. Prior to this I had the opportunity to meet with Director Ichii Masahide. But what I did there was developing a respect for him as a professional of the big screen, shared the same sense of humor with the director, and passed on the baton.

The light of the limited teenage years held by the two leading stars Satou Shouri-san and Hashimoto Kanna-san will pour onto the screen by twofold. I think they will create something amusing for you for this single movie. The world of movies differs completely from novels when it comes to presentation techniques. How will the HaruChika series be reborn? I, myself, from the original author’s standpoint will separate myself from the movie and look forward to enjoying it.

Director Ichii Masahide

To have both roles be portrayed by youth of the same age in this movie with Satou Shouri as Haruta and Hashimoto Kanna as Chika is a great honor. In the story they assemble members of a wind ensemble club, which is on the verge of being abolished, with the goal of aiming for the competition. But I want to steadily spin a tale that lives, without lumping it together with music movies, without sugarcoating the subtle emotions and facial expressions which can only be delivered in that age, with a dedication to the screen. Again, I’d like you to pay attention to the wonderful formation of co-actors that surround the two. Not to mention the one more leading actor, and the wind instrument music as well.

Kadokawa producer Imayasu Reiko

I thought that Satou Shouri-san’s air, which possesses the combination of his sharp looks and the strength he conceals within himself, and on the other hand his friendliness, is perfect for playing Haruta, who moves serenely through this story, and offered him the role.

Also, I found a match with the bright and straightforward, hardworking Hashimoto Kanna-san in the simple Chika who hates wrongdoings and is Haruta’s accomplice, and offered her the role.

Both are not only close to the original work’s image, as well as close to the role’s age, but I also think it can only be shown by those who are in their teens. They continue to practice musical instruments in advance of the filming (Satou-san plays horn and Hashimoto-san plays flute). But they will face each other earnestly in their roles. I predict that their abilities will carry on in the next generation. I am convinced that there are already no actors in Japan other than those two in the same level who are perfect and excited.

Haruta and Chika will grow as they meet, collide with each other and smile while crying. Please look forward to a HaruChika which cannot be played by other than these two.

Director Ichii, who will take the megaphone, has the established reputation of subtly depicting emotions of people who live awkwardly. But this time he depicts the emotions of senior high schoolers, who transform from children in adults, into music. I’m convinced that he’ll give you a teen movie that hasn’t been done before. I think that we can also enjoy to the melodies of wind instrument music that plays throughout the film. Please look forward to it.

Addition of the Third Leading Actor

Koide Keisuke as Kusakabe Shinjirou
Koide Keisuke as Kusakabe Shinjirou

Tagline: “This is not (romantic) love, but more special than a friend.”

Koide Keisuke (Cyborg She, Joker Game) is revealed to be the third leading actor. He plays Kusakabe Shinjirou, a conductor who once had a promising future. He works as a music teacher at Shimizu Kita High School and becomes the advisor of the wind ensemble club. For this role Koide underwent a crash course in conducting under the guidance of a professional.

Along with this reveal, the website published additional comments from the original author and the director.

Original Author: Hatsuno Sei

When I write a story with a high school setting, I’m conscious of whether there is something other than nostalgia and growth as I write. When I met the director for the first time with that in mind, I requested: “You can do whatever you want as long as Haruta, Chika, and Kusakabe-sensei show up. Instead, please show me and the fans of the novel series a completely new work that fits the length of a movie.”

The movie version will depict Chika’s setbacks and recoveries which were not shown in the novel series. The amusement distinctive of movies is packed with those recoveries. There are also plenty of scenes in which the author’s nature of the director is strongly pronounced. And the high school students who appear on screen are living, suspended several millimeters from the ground. Please look forward to a completely new HaruChika work.

Director and scriptwriter: Ichii Masahide

From the numerous charming elements of the original novel, I focused on the theme of “people with pain in their hearts reclaiming the place where they belong” to depict the characters courteously, and re-birthing it as an original story while piling up the significance that wind instrument music holds. I’d like to eagerly convey another “HaruChika” to all of your hearts.


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