Yuri!!! On ICE Opening Theme Goes International

Victor Nikiforov in competition
Victor Nikiforov in competition

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the commentary on the Yuri!!! on ICE opening reveals that the song was written with international audience in mind. The choice for the opening theme artist is also interesting as Dean Fujioka broadened his horizons outside Japan. Fujioka studied in Seattle (USA) and gained fame as a model and actor in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Currently, he works in Japan and lives in Indonesia with his family. In addition, the production of the opening theme also involved an Indonesian DJ.

Read Dean Fujioka’s commentary below, along with those of the storyboarder and the director.

“History Maker” Commentary

Dean Fujioka

This song “History Maker” is a cheering song dedicated to you who challenges the daily limits with bravery.

It’s a cheering song for, of course, the athletes who continue to take on challenges in relentless competitions. And for those who are challenging, creating a new history page in their respective standpoints. And I myself too performed the recording, putting in my feelings of wanting to be a “History Maker” and continuing to put great efforts in reaching the next level.

Rather than the viewpoint of “Yuri!!! on ICE” protagonist Yuuri, and the viewpoint of Victor who guides Yuuri, it’s about a universal and wide viewpoint of creating history with everyone. The intertwining of every viewpoint is filled in this message.

I took the song’s inspiration from the anecdotes of the anime production’s process, which challenges all of the limits of Kubo Mitsurou-san, Director Yamamoto Sayo-san, and everyone who is involved in the project.

This time, my sworn friend Dj Sumo arrived in a hurry from Jakarta (Indonesia) and participated in the production of this tune. From the start, the tune itself with its English lyrics naturally took on an international color. I wish that this anime’s charm deeply reaches the hearts of people. Not only within Japan, but also all over the the world.


Storyboarder Mitsurou Kubo

When I visited Dean-san’s place with the people of the anime’s music production, I shivered at the speedy start of his songwriting. He understood the contents of the anime right on that spot. I have the irresistible feeling that through this anime, his English lyrics and unforgettable singing voice will be an encouragement to people all over the world.

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Director Sayo Yamamoto

When I heard Dean-san’s demo track for the first time, my throbbing, hot feelings turned into feeling of starting to run in excitement. All that I wanted the viewers of “Yuri!!! on ICE” to feel is contained in this song. Well then, we’re also “born to make history”…!!!

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