Ookura Teruko Project: Bewitching Shadow Chapter 1

The translation of the Ookura Teruko Detective Story Compilation is finally off to a start! Bewitching Shadow (1934) is the first story in this compilation and is comprised of five chapters. I will update the story weekly.

Read here: Bewitching Shadow Chapter 1: Code

Ookura Teruko is notable for being the first Japanese female detective writer. This story is her debut work. Ookura’s works are collected in the book Ookura Teruko Detective Story Compilation (大倉燁子探偵小説選 Ookura Teruko Tantei Shousetsu-sen). Ookura’s works are available in the public domain on Aozora Bunko. As such, input is welcome on translations, the usage of the English language (neither Japanese or English are my native languages), and anything else to help with the translation of the source text!

For now I plan on translating two or three Ookura stories per year, alternated by short stories by other authors.


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