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  • Ghost Hunt Manga: Inada Shiho x Ono Fuyumi Dialogue

    Inada Shiho completed the Ghost Hunt manga prior to the reprint of Ono Fuyumi’s novel series. Magazine Da Vinci conducted this interview with both creators in commemoration of the last volume’s publication. This marks the last translation of Da Vinci’s 2010 special Ghost Hunt reprint feature. At the end of this post I added links to some additional […]

  • Ghost Hunt Chronicle: A 20 Year Chronology

    The following table from the December 2010 issue of Da Vinci captures the chronology of the Ghost Hunt series and some real life events. I have translated this along with a short introduction which accompanied the chronological table. Ghost Hunt Chronicle: Closing in on the Charms of the Series! Since the publication of the series’ first volume […]