Ghost Hunt Chronicle: A 20 Year Chronology

The following table from the December 2010 issue of Da Vinci captures the chronology of the Ghost Hunt series and some real life events. I have translated this along with a short introduction which accompanied the chronological table.

Ghost Hunt Chronology

Ghost Hunt Chronicle: Closing in on the Charms of the Series!

Since the publication of the series’ first volume Are there really lots of Evil Spirits!?, Ono Fuyumi’s horror masterpiece the Ghost Hunt series continued to captivate readers over a span of 20 years. First of all, let’s look back once again at its history along with the related chronology. The reason why the Ghost Hunt series is eternally loved across generations, should come to the surface from there.

The Ghost Hunt series was written approximately a little more than 20 years earlier from the present moment. It was written right after the era name changed from Showa[ref]Showa era: 1926.12.25 – 1989.1.7.[/ref] to Heisei[ref]Heisei era: 1989.1.8 – current.[/ref]. It’s probably plain to see in the chronological table published below, how many changes there were in fads and the social landscape within a space of 20 years. Various booms and incidents have enlivened the media, and became buried in the passage of time.

However, the existence of Ghost Hunt did not slip into obscurity. No, we should rather say that the fans would not allow it. In 1994, the sequel Akumu no sumu ie (The House in Which Nightmares Dwell) made its appearance after receiving heated, fervent appeals from the readers. Since then, it received a radio drama adaptation in 1997, the comic book edition started its serialization in 1998, and a television anime adaptation became produced in 2006. As time passed, the popularity of Ghost Hunt gradually grew stronger.

What’s the secret behind the enduring love of the readers for over 20 years?

The charm of the series probably differs from fan to fan. Fascinating characters, touching lines, stories that make you feel sadness within the horror, the occultic knowledge dispersed over all the books –.

In practically no time after her debut, Ono Fuyumi put in everything she held, and contended with her masterpiece Ghost Hunt, a fusion of a horror and girl’s novel. There, the talent of the author, who would bring forth Shiki and Twelve Kingdoms in her future years, was firing dazzling sparkles. We would like to see her true merit in the complete edition, which is being published at this time, with our own eyes .

Looking back at the historical background of the Ghost Hunt series with a chronology.

Ghost Hunt Series Chronology
Movements in the Society
  • Publication of Volume 1: Are there really lots of Evil Spirits!? (Kodansha X Bunko Teen’s Heart)
  • Publication of Volume 2: There really are a lot of Evil Spirits!
  • Heisei era starts in January. Introduction of the consumption tax.
  • Publication of Volume 3: I can’t sleep due to the abundance of Evil Spirits
  • Publication of Volume 4: Lonely Evil Spirits
  • Reunification of East and West Germany
  • Publication of Volume 5: I Don’t Want to Become an Evil Spirit!
  • Publication of Volume 6: Don’t Call me an Evil Spirit
  • Collapse of the Soviet Union
  • Publication of Volume 7: I don’t mind Evil Spirits! Part 1 and 2
  • Enactment of the Peacekeeping Operations law
  • Formation of J.League
  • Publication of Sequel: The House in Which Nightmares Dwell Part 1 and 2 (Kodansha X Bunko White Heart)
  • Ōe Kenzaburō wins the Nobel Prize in Literature.
  • Great Hanshin earthquake
  • Tokyo subway sarin attack
  • Olympics in Atlanta
  • Radio Drama: Evil Spirit Hunting ~ Ghost Hunt. Broadcasted in Miyamura Yuuko no chokkyuu de ikou!
  • Evil Spirit Hunting ~ Ghost Hunt. CD Cinema 1 (Victor Entertainment) is on sale.
  • A Lost Paradise[ref]Shitsurakuen by Watanabe Junichi.[/ref] becomes a bestseller.
  • Serialization of Comic Edition Ghost Hunt begins in Amie magazine.
  • Publication of Comic Ghost Hunt Volume 1 (Kodansha Comics Nakayoshi KC)
  • Wakayama curry poisoning incident
  • Nuclear accident in a JCO plant in Tokaimura
  • Approximately 22 years since Mount Usu erupted
  • September 11 attacks
  • Return of five Japanese abduction victims from North Korea
  • Launch of Hayabusa spacecraft to an asteroid
  • Publication of Paperback edition Ghost Hunt Volume 1 (Kodansha Manga Bunko)
  • Winter Sonata boom
  • Anti-Japan activity in China
  • TV Anime edition Ghost Hunt broadcast (until 2007)
  • FIFA World Cup in Germany
  • Release of DVD Ghost Hunt FILE 1 (Avex)
  • Subprime mortgage crisis becomes an issue.
  • Olympics in Beijing
  • Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama
  • Publication of Ghost Hunt Manga Volume 12
  • Publication of Ghost Hunt 1 Ghost Stories of the Old School Building


Since the publication of this special feature in 2010, a few more developments occurred relating to the Ghost Hunt franchise.

First of all, Inada Shiho’s comic adaptation of the sequel Akumu no sumu Ie (The House in Which Nightmares Dwell), titled Akumu no sumu Ie – Ghost Hunt, started its serialization in Kodansha’s ARIA magazine in 2012. The comic adaptation finally reached its conclusion in 2016 with a total of three volumes published.

Secondly, a movie adaptation was announced in 2013, directed by Yamaguchi Yoshitaka. However, it seems like the film is canceled going by the lack of any further information.



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